23 Marzo 2023

Conceria Samanta s.p.a.

Samanta tannery was born in the heart of Tuscany in 1973, thanks to the intuition of its founder, Attilio Gronchi, who was able to recognise in hot leather embossing with non-traditional texture a profitable business which could become significant and not only marginal in the leather world. He split the company into two separate factories, and decided to turn the historic headquarters in Ponte a Egola into the exclusive manufacturing of embossed leather.

Samanta was the first company in the world to have its own embossing machines, galvanic baths and digital pantographs, in order to manage the whole designing, pre-industrialisation and production process of the proposed collections. All embossing processes are unique and exclusive to guarantee customers a cutting-edge product. This has guaranteed the company the consolidated collaboration of the major brands of the fashion world.

Since then, the tannery has only been manufacturing leathers complying with the features of the initial Mission, determined to pursue the development of that original idea.

Today it has more than 4000 private moulds and, in recent years, the company has integrated the initial idea with inkjet printing, thanks to 4 digital printing plants in the same factory.

The company employs more than 60 people and the historic factory in Ponte a Egola occupies a surface of about 10.000sqm

As regards leather production, the company has in-house facilities and machinery, from hair removal, to tanning, retanning, dyeing and drying, in addition to hot and digital embossing.

Samanta has recently developed a new METAL FREE production line: the new products are designed to be environment friendly and guarantee energy saving.

Samanta is the world leader in embossed leather production.

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